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C04 by Corsenna C04 :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 0 0 Roxil's Revised Tattoos by Corsenna
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Roxil's Revised Tattoos :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 0 0
To be Young by Corsenna To be Young :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 3 0 Yukiyama Izumi by Corsenna Yukiyama Izumi :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 3 3 Everything is Different on Genesis (Color) by Corsenna Everything is Different on Genesis (Color) :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 0 0 Everything is Different on Genesis by Corsenna Everything is Different on Genesis :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 1 4
Vivekka's Backstory
                My memories have been a bit hazy since receiving Luna’s gift so you’ll have to forgive any flaws in my story. I recall growing up, much of who I was but in a way, very little of what I was. When I was a child I wanted for nothing. My father, Woneyi Tarruk, was a general in good standing. He was Exalted at a young age, a Dragon Blooded of the fire aspect. It was no accident, he was bred for it. His family married not for love, but to pass on their heritage. My mother was the same though she never exalted herself. Like their families before them, they married only for their good bloodlines. It was always the intention to have a child that would also exalt as one of the Terrestrials. One child, and one child only was all he needed, and all he wanted. Perhaps he had something to prove, I may never know the answer to that.
:iconcorsenna:Corsenna 1 3
Lost: Part Nine
                “Shut up, I know I felt something, it has to be this planet.” The girl said resolutely.
                “You’ve said that about eight other planets already, V.” Her male friend responded.
                “I think I’ve been following a trail, whatever I feel has been moving but it stopped here.”
                “Look, V, I get it; I’m just as driven as you to exterminate aliens. This is ridiculous though, we’re on a wild goose hunt.”
                “They took everything from us! Our friends, our commander, even our identities! We can never go home! Do you
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Azalea (Updated, Mashup) by Corsenna Azalea (Updated, Mashup) :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 0 0 Lileen by Corsenna Lileen :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 7 3 Kaytee (as Emilea) by Corsenna Kaytee (as Emilea) :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 0 0 Kaytee (as Kieran) by Corsenna Kaytee (as Kieran) :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 0 0 Bobby by Corsenna Bobby :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 1 0 Handstand by Corsenna Handstand :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 0 0 Roxil's Murder Face (Exalted) by Corsenna Roxil's Murder Face (Exalted) :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 0 0 Roxil Tattoo Reference (Exalted) by Corsenna Roxil Tattoo Reference (Exalted) :iconcorsenna:Corsenna 0 0


Chinese Zodiac.:Ox:. by sakimichan Chinese Zodiac.:Ox:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,711 209 Android 18 .NSFW optional. by sakimichan Android 18 .NSFW optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,904 319 Ritsuka by Claparo-Sans Ritsuka :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 2,818 69 Heroes never die by sakimichan Heroes never die :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,650 355 Casual Widowmaker by MonoriRogue Casual Widowmaker :iconmonorirogue:MonoriRogue 3,159 109 +Tracer - Overwatch+ by larienne +Tracer - Overwatch+ :iconlarienne:larienne 3,609 111 Casual Symmetra by MonoriRogue Casual Symmetra :iconmonorirogue:MonoriRogue 2,756 145 D.VA! by GUWEIZ D.VA! :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 11,345 292 Noragami by GUWEIZ Noragami :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 5,794 126 AC II: Ezio by Claparo-Sans AC II: Ezio :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 4,245 80 Game On! by Skeleion Game On! :iconskeleion:Skeleion 1,337 88 Hold a sec by Loopydave Hold a sec :iconloopydave:Loopydave 2,801 445 Bloody Bride + Video (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena Bloody Bride + Video (Commission) :iconnikulina-helena:Nikulina-Helena 1,999 95 +Mulan - Who I Really Am+ by larienne +Mulan - Who I Really Am+ :iconlarienne:larienne 7,178 297 cover of the novel THE PRINCESS AND THE DRAGON by sharandula cover of the novel THE PRINCESS AND THE DRAGON :iconsharandula:sharandula 476 33 Arrest by GUWEIZ Arrest :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 12,450 372


I love the colors and shading, I agree with the previous critique that all your shadows seems to fall perfectly. I'd say I like the hai...



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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an artist, writer, and gamer for hobbies. I also sew and make incense at home. The gamer side of me is unconcerned with the details, I play card games, board games, video games, and RPGs all about equally almost always with my husband who is also an avid gamer ... grow up? That sounds boring give me some Halo or Exalted.


More stress drawing? Apparently there is a certain level of stress at which I do actually accomplish stuff. I've gotten crazy amounts of housework done (I'm a stress-cleaner as well) and quite a bit of drawing .
Roxil's Revised Tattoos
[b]Note: None of his manly bits are showing.[/b] So after the time that Roxil was retired from the exalted campaign he ran off into the Wyld for about 200 years, during the last year he learned a rare charm that allowed him to shed his protective moonsilver tattoos. Why? Why does Roxil do anything? Hes weird, he does the weird, he also does the stupid. HE had to get new tattoos, and Sara wanted me to draw a picture that showed his tattoos in full so here's a naked picture of Roxil. It's pretty poor quality and my black marker was dry so I had to use a charcoal block so the black doesn't fit but here it is. I also forgot to color his hearthstones on his torso before coloring his skin but ... that's a thing ... I was very stressed out when I drew it.
To be Young
More stress sketching/playing around with my style. Worked on this waiting for my friends day one check-up news after her amputation. This is Corsenna from shortly before she went active and started taking on actual missions. Unfortunately my scanner washed out most of the shading so it doesn't look as nice as I'd like here.
Yukiyama Izumi
This isn't entirely accurate to the character but this is a head-cannon sketch of a friends character from a cross-dimensional forum RP, originally from a game I ran on a fan-built system called Adeptus Evangelion which used Dark Heresy rules to make an incredible Neon Genesis Evangelion tabletop RP. She was the Berserker in the group (My personal favorite class, also the one I played when I was in an AE game) If i remember correctly she's 16 years old... might be 15...
I'm thinking of totally revising Alpha Squad and Kaytee's story. Before I do so I want to know if anyone is actually reading them. This is really important to me to know if anyone is keeping up or cares. If no one is there's no reason to re-post any of it... that's really all but I figure throwing up a journal is the best way of finding out. If you read this and haven't checked out my writing I wouldn't mind if you would try and trudge your way through at least a little of it, if you do please tell me what you liked/didn't like/bored you, that will at least help with my revision and I would really appreciate it. Also if you do read any of it keep in mind, Alpha Squad is cannon is Kaytee's story, but Kaytee's story is *not* cannon in Alpha Squad.


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Fallenswordsman Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016
Happy birthday to you
Corsenna Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you, I'm a little late but I currently don't have a working computer so I haven't been logging on.
57Drawinc Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016   Traditional Artist
Thanks for the favs!

"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso

"you have to fight like hell" 
PoweredPanda Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Can you post Vivekka's backstory? And your new character, I'm still not sure how I feel about you naming a turbo-druggy character after me, but at least she's also a genius.
Corsenna Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah! I have to type it out though. I spent about an hour searching through my computer for the file only to remember I didn't write it on my computer. I worked on her backstory in my notebook on my flight to California last year. I remember it though so it won't take long.

Also next time I visit you I'll bring my flashdrive with the PDFs of the Exalted 2e core book and all the splat books but for now at least I found this (if you can load it)
PoweredPanda Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! They did such a good job on the Lunars book, lot of lore in that one. BTW, I've already read all the way through RC Hard Contact and I'm about half way through Triple Zero. You were definitely right, most of Hard Contact was a slow read but so, so worth it. Karen Traviss is such an amazing author. I see what you mean about the personalities, when all your characters are clones you have to work a lot harder on making them different and she did a brilliant job.
My-Sword-is-Bigger Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist


Hey man, I'm a little late to say this but welcome to deviant art! And thanks very much for the stalk!!












Here, have this awesomely non-edible cookie that has absolutely no use whatsoever. And I'll be giving you a llama badge as well. :la:




I hope you'll enjoy whatever new crap I manage to come up with, and I really do hope you'll like my characters. :D Be sure to check out my very pimped-out gallery I'm sorry I spent ages coding it so I wanna show it off of course ^^;

PictureOnProgress Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So growing up doesn't sound appealing to you?
I feel ya :dummy:
Corsenna Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Absolutely not, unfortunately there's all these things like rent and bills... that's what therapeutic irresponsibility is for.
PictureOnProgress Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the way you put it :B
Yeah, once those duties are done with, you can be irresponsible to your heart's content :la:

How's your back, BTW? :O_o:
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